Restaurant - Vinyl Sticker

  • Restaurant  - Vinyl Sticker

8cm x 6cm vinyl sticker.

Once you've started feeding your little one, is the (b)re(a)staurant ever closed? More like a 24hr all you can eat free buffet!

Perfect for water bottles, laptops, phone cases (larger models), lamp-posts and church confession booths.

n.b. We can't actually add the "b" word to our listing as it gets flagged as inappropriate content. Hence - "(b)re(a)staurant".

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The bumpf...

Stickers are printed onto white gloss vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive with residue free removal.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use with up to 4 years outdoor durability.

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Independently designed and despatched by a mum and dad duo who are new to parenthood and managed to find some free time amongst the nappy changes/constant feeds/sleepless nights to produce some unique pin badges and products.