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Knackered - Pin Badge

  • Knackered - Pin Badge
  • Knackered - Pin Badge

All day. Every day. Knackered.

Child won't sleep? Child won't eat? Knackered.

Let people know when you've had a rough night with your little one by wearing your Knackered badge. Will you ever take it off?

* * * * * *

The bumpf...

Gold in colour.
(Obviously, for a fiver this is not real solid gold).

Comes with 2x butterfly clutches to ensure the badge is secure and doesn't rotate/slip when being worn.

36mm in length.

* * * * * *

Independently designed and despatched by a mum and dad duo who are new to parenthood and managed to find some free time amongst the nappy changes/constant feeds/sleepless nights to produce some unique pin badges and products.